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Miss Flack is known for her impeccable wardrobe of dresses, playsuits, boots and pumps, so it would be extremely improper of me to do a Style Profile without her feature. Always looking effortless and classy, the English TV presenter, who got her first television break on a sketch show in 2002, can be caught co-hosting The Xtra Factor with Olly Murs for the second year running on iTV2. What do you think of the beauty's style?

Oh. Also, please give me your legs xo


My favourite combinations of colours in a palette are pastels and metallics. Whether it's used in fashion, interior design, buildings, sweets or confetti, they look good without fail! Anyone else obsessed?



I discovered Marina Diamandis about two years ago when she debuted her first studio album 'The Family Jewels' as Marina and the Diamonds. Fast forward to 2012 where she's dyed her dark locks bottle blonde, released a hit album called 'Electra Heart' and is taking the world by storm with her music and fashion. Her style is so unique and ballsy! Check out my favourite looks below.


25-year-old freelance writer and former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, Miroslava Duma, has become an international fashion icon over the past few years because of her unique style. With her closet consisting of labels such as Miu Miu, YSL, Alexander Wang and Prada, it's no wonder why she's so well dressed. What I love about her is not only does she look stunning at events, but her street style is to-die-for. Never before have I, nor anyone else I'd say, seen anyone pull off a red-on-red-on-red outfit as well as she has, and the same goes for the rest of her genius outfits. Needless to say - I would kill for a wardrobe and style like hers, and also wouldn't mind a few pair of her shoes either. You can check out more of her impeccable style and work at Buro 24/7.


I had the pleasure of being able to interview The Veronicas over email for my Journalism assignment a few months ago. Here is the final product:

After the success of their previous albums, both peaking at #2 on Australian music charts, The Veronicas are ready to share their third mind-blowing record with the world.

Having heard their music progress from pop ballads to rock and electro-pop has fans wondering what genre they’re exploring for their new record, due early next year

“We would call it progressive pop with rock and rhythmic soul,” Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, better known as The Veronicas, said about their long awaited album.

Now 26, the sultry Brisbane twins have spent the past four years touring the world,  lending their vocals to other artists and drawing inspiration from “life, art and culture” around them.

That four year gap has allowed them to develop a clear and experienced vision of who they are and the impact they want their music to have on Pop Culture.

“[In the process] we have learn a lot about ourselves as artists, and also about being smart business women in the music world,” they said.

The first single is expected to be dropped late this year and the girls couldn’t be happier, sharing that there are so many songs they “can’t wait to finally get out there!”

Their aim this time around was to push themselves and what their fans expected from them, yet still create something that felt grounded in their identity as The Veronicas.

“We try to write songs personal to us, yet relatable by all,” they explained, and it’s this natural born ability to connect with their audience that has gotten them far.

Nowadays, they’re working hard to put the final touches on the album after generally spending 10 hours every day in the writing and recording process.

Although it may not seem very glamorous, it’s what they need to overcome in order to get out on the road again and share the songs with their fans.

Last week, the girls had secret shows in L.A to showcase a few of the new songs, rock out to the old ones, and put their spin on songs by other bands.

“We’ve been focusing on pushing ourselves out of the box. It’s been a while since our last record so we have been very inspired, and have a lot to say.”

Considering that their past records have gone up to four times platinum, we know that they definitely won’t disappoint us with what they have in store for us next.

And, hearing a handful of the new songs such as “Cold,” “Let Me Out” and “Dead Cool,” they’re definitely on the road to another huge success with this record!